Is There a Right Season to Get a Nose Job_

Is There a Right Season to Get a Nose Job?

According to the common opinion among the people, it is said that rhinoplasty should not be performed in the summer months. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure and like the rest of the surgical procedures, it can be performed in any season. However, each season may bring some difficulties during the recovery process after rhinoplasty.

Although rhinoplasty can be performed safely at any time of the year, each patient may want to plan their surgery at a different time according to their own schedule. The healing process that awaits patients after rhinoplasty surgery requires patients to take at least 10 days off from work. Patients who do not want this period to be reduced from summer holidays prefer to have a rhinoplasty operation in winter. Summer is more advantageous for patients who are willing to spend their annual leave from work to rhinoplasty surgery.

A number of complications can be experienced in all seasons. While there may be more swelling, edema, and bleeding after the surgery due to the heat in the summer months, the cold and flu in the winter months can complicate the recovery process after the surgery. Spring months are generally the most popular season for rhinoplasty but are not preferred by people with allergies.

In conclusion, we can say that plastic surgery procedures do not have much to do with the season. The best time to have rhinoplasty is when the patient feels the readiest and can spend the most time resting afterward. For those who spend the summer months by the sea, it is not
recommended to have a rhinoplasty in the summer. Likewise, this surgery is not performed for a person skiing in the winter months. For this reason, it would be best to decide on the date of surgery, taking into account the patient’s personal wishes, availability, and special circumstances, if any.

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