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Functional Rhinoplasty

Septorhinoplasty. In addition to being an aesthetic organ in the middle of the human face, the nose has a functional job as the place where respiration begins. We also solve the problems in the airway with the aesthetic operation in all patients we make rhinoplasty.

Filling Operations

In the filling treatment, a soluble substance that does not harm the body in any way is applied to the area where the patients have a complaint, and thereby, the visual defects available here are eliminated.


Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. It is an operation performed for chronic sinusitis patients. It is an operation that we perform for an indication suitable for patients with polyp chronic sinusitis patients.


Endoscopic Concha Surgery. It is a surgical method that we apply radiofrequency to inferior turbinate hypertrophies, especially in patients with Seasonal Allergic rhinitis. The operation is performed under operating room conditions with sedation.


It is a successful surgical method applied to patients with large tonsils, sagging soft palate, and long uvula related to the tonsils, soft palate, and uvula. Before the surgery, it is necessary to find out the cause of obstruction that affects the breathing. As it prevents breathing, our patients with apnea problems are directed to the sleep laboratory following their examination, if necessary, and the surgery is recommended under appropriate conditions after their follow-up.


The most obvious symptom of vertigo is dizziness. There are other symptoms such as nausea, hearing loss, and tinnitus. The vertigo attacks may last for a few seconds or up to 24 hours. The diagnosis and treatments of vertigo are applied in our clinic.


Otapostesis. Otoplasty surgery is a surgical method that we generally apply to patients, who do not have the curve that we call antihelix in the ear. It is the operation of changing the angle of the ear with an incision made behind the ear and reducing it if required.


Adenoid. The adenoid is a lymphoid tissue situated at the upper part of the nasal cavity. The adenoid enlarges in children aged 3-6 years and thereby, causes nasal congestion, sleep disorder, and middle ear diseases. It is a disease that should be treated with surgery if the adenoid closes the airway or causes recurrent ear infections.


The tonsils are lymphoid organ situated at the back of the tongue between two plicas on either side of the throat. The fact that tonsils are larger than normal or got infected frequently, can lead to various problems. The problems such as snoring, lying with their mouth open, bad breath is encountered, specifically in children. The tonsil surgery is made for children aged 4 and over, and adults having snoring complaints and with chronic tonsillitis

Ear Ventilation Tube

The Ear Tube is a treatment method used in patients diagnosed with Chronic Serous Otitis Media (effusion behind the eardrum), which is known as fluid buildup in the middle ear. It is often combined with nasal surgery in children.


In this surgery, which is called the Nasal Septum Deviation surgery, the crooked bone and cartilage structures are taken off, and thereby, the airway is opened.

Hair Transplant

The process of transplanting the hair follicles, which are taken from the nape and sides being the areas where the hair is dense, to the areas where the hair is sparse or not at all is called a hair transplant. In other words, the hair transplant is the name of the surgical transplant of hair follicles.