Snoring Surgery

Why Do We Snore? Is Snoring a Problem?

Snoring can be defined as the noisy sound that occurs during sleep due to the narrowing of the airways. Although it is more common in men and overweight individuals, it is known that 25% of adults have a persistent snoring problem. The frequency of snoring increases with age.

Snoring is a problem that occurs as a result of many factors such as drooping of the uvula, larger-than-normal size of the tonsils, enlarged adenoids, low palate, and nasal congestion. In order to have a healthy snoring treatment, you must first find the cause of snoring. Whatever factor causes snoring in the person, the problem of snoring is solved with a specific treatment. Before surgery is planned, a sleep test called polysomnography (PSG) is performed on patients to reveal the cause of snoring. This test allows us to distinguish whether snoring is obstructive (stenosis in the airway) or central (originating from the brain).

Nasal Surgeries

Nasal surgery is performed to eliminate the contribution of nasal congestion to snoring. The techniques used in the treatment of snoring are correction and opening of the deviation, reduction of the nasal concha by burning with radiofrequency. With nose surgeries, it is aimed to increase the sleep quality of the patient by breathing through his/her nose. The full effect of nose surgeries occurs within 1-2 months.

These operations increase not only your sleep quality but also your quality of life. Constantly breathing through your mouth causes the lungs to enlarge more than normal and puts pressure on the heart. This may lead to the development of pulmonary hypertension in the long term.

Allergic diseases may play a role in the swelling of the turbinates. A detailed examination is required to make a full diagnosis. If there is an allergic problem, appropriate treatment should be applied.

Palate and Uvula Surgery

The basis of snoring is the obstruction of the airway by the uvula, soft palate, and tongue root in the pharynx during sleep. Some of these tissues are removed with laser or radiofrequency methods. In order to obtain a suitable method for each patient, many techniques have been developed such as Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), Lateral pharyngoplasty, Transpalatal advancement, anterior palatoplasty, Expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty, Somnoplasty, Palatal implant, etc. However, many of these techniques are not preferred because they are very complicated and painful for the patient.

Tongue Root Surgery

Tongue and tongue root surgery can be applied in cases where snoring is caused by problems with the uvula or tongue. This surgery, which requires the root of the tongue to be pulled forward, is a difficult operation. The disadvantage of this surgery is that the healing process is difficult for the patients. In addition, it is not suitable for patients who are overweight. These patients are asked to lose weight before surgery. Snoring prosthesis, which is another alternative treatment method, is more effective and painless than surgery.

Adenoid Surgery

The snoring problem can be easily solved by removing the adenoid if it’s caused by adenoid enlargement.

Orthognathic Surgery

It is applied in cases where snoring is caused by the position of the lower jaw. Having the lower jaw back can cause other health problems besides snoring. In mandibular surgery, the upper and lower jaws are positioned forward. The tongue root comes forward and the airway is opened during the operation. Although it has a long recovery period of 45 days, it is an extremely effective and permanent solution.


Yes. Losing excess weight is a solution to snoring, but not for everyone. There are other factors that cause snoring.


Various factors can cause long-term snoring problem. Mouth structure, sinus condition, weight, alcohol consumption and some allergies can be counted among these factors. Snoring can also be seen with the relaxation of the muscles in the throat area during the transition to deep sleep.


Yes. There are different surgical methods developed to treat the snoring problem. Uvula surgery is one of the oldest and most important of these.