Bichectomy is an aesthetic operation applied to make facial features become more proportional. Cheek thinning surgery, also known as Hollywood cheek and buccal fat removal, promises a more sculpted facial appearance. Fat pads on the cheeks are removed and thus a younger and firmer look is obtained.

Reasons for Getting Bichectomy Procedure

Bichectomy is preferred in order to make the cheeks smaller, redefine the facial parts, and have an overall more aesthetic appearance. People with 'chubby cheeks' and those whose facial features do not get thinner even though they lose weight can undergo this operation. It is aimed to reach the “V Type Face”. Buccal fat is removed in accordance with the golden ratio, and a rejuvenated and balanced face image is obtained.

Sharp facial features offer a more charismatic and youthful overall image. Cheekbone improvement promises a stronger and more attractive facial expression. The disproportion problem is corrected. With the elimination of fat, the cheek volume reaches the ideal level.

Step by Step Bichectomy Procedure

Large cheek pouches caused by genetics, anatomical factors, or aging can be fixed quickly and easily with cheek thinning.

During the bichectomy procedure, essentially the cheek fat is removed. A part of the buccal fat tissue can be removed. However, the removed fat can also be transferred to the cheekbones. The bichectomy steps are as follows:

Consultation: The patient and the plastic surgeon talk about the operation. The doctor answers all the questions of the patient. The patient shares expectations, and concerns. The surgeon gives detailed information to the patient about the fat buccal fat removal process. The doctor also explains all stages of the procedure from consultation to the healing process.

Examination: The patient's medical history is analyzed, and a physical examination is checked. Blood tests are done. The patient should inform the doctor if there are any medical drugs he/she takes. He/she should stop taking blood thinners for a certain period, under the doctor's control. It is evaluated whether the person is a good candidate for the buccal process.

Pre-bichectomy process: The patient must be hungry and keep the intraoral clean. Maximizing oral hygiene will reduce the risk of infection. Bichectomy is performed under local anesthesia, however, if the patient and doctor both agree, general anesthesia can also be preferred.

Bichectomy Procedure: Buccal fat removal is done with an incision. The surgeon reaches the cheek tissues by making an incision of approximately 1 cm. The fat previously determined by the doctor is removed from this area. This procedure is applied to both cheeks.

If the patient wants to be added volume to the face, extracted fat is transferred to the cheekbones. Facial filling procedures can also be performed. Finally, the surgeon sutures the incision. After bandaging, the fatty tissue removal process is completed.

Recovery Process After Bichectomy

The bichectomy liposuction is an outpatient procedure, which means the patient is discharged from the hospital the same day. The patients can return to do their daily routines.

The doctor may prescribe antibiotics and recommend taking extra care of oral hygiene. The reason for this is to prevent the risk of infection from the incisions. In addition, smoking and herbal tea should not be consumed for a certain period of time. Blood thinners should not be taken. Recovery after bichectomy is not challenging.

The patient does not feel intense pain during the healing period. However, edema and swelling may be experienced for about 15 to 30 days. For the first 4 days, the patient should apply ice compression every 4-5 hours. It will be sufficient to apply for 15 minutes.

During the first week, oral motor activities such as chewing and laughing that will tire the mouth should not be done. The incision heals within 7 days and the scar goes away in time. Cheek aesthetic results are permanent.


Bichectomy is known as fat removal from cheek or buccal fat removal. By removing the excess fat on the cheeks, it is aimed to make the face contour proportional and to reach the "golden ratio". Within the scope of the procedure, cheekbones are highlighted and a sharp facial line is obtained. Bichectomy is categorized as one of the Hollywood cheek surgeries.

On the first day after bichectomy, the patient may have difficulty while chewing. That's why, the patient consumes food in liquid form on the first day. With the second day, he can start to eat soft foods. Bichectomy stitches heal in about 2 weeks and the patient can return to their daily life routines after that. It is recommended not to use mouthwash for the first days. The new appearance of the face shows itself within 3 weeks, and the targeted result is achieved within 6 months to 1 year. The patient can apply cold compresses to relieve edema on the face.

Bichectomy does not cause facial sagging. Since the surgery is operated on inside with minor incisions, swelling may occur. Don't be alarmed because this side effect is temporary. The aesthetic operation should be performed correctly. The patient's suitability for discectomy should be observed before the surgery. In this regard, it is essential to choose a trained and experienced doctor.