Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a surgical operation performed to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional nose in accordance with these features and face, without changing the characteristics of the person's ethnic identity.

No two people are alike. Skin thickness, the cartilage of the nose and the structure of the nostrils vary from person to person, therefore from ethnicity to ethnicity.

It is an extremely sensitive and detailed field of expertise. It should be performed by the best ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons. A detailed consultation is made before the operation between the surgeon and the patient.

This is for exactly what the patient wants is understood through a simulation and the questions in her/his mind are resolved. For an ethnic rhinoplasty to be performed under ideal conditions, the cultural background of the person is also learned.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery Techniques

Ethnic rhinoplasty patients undergo a distinctly different procedure than nasal reduction procedures performed specifically for different races. For example, nose reduction is commonly applied to a person of Caucasian race.

However, the operation for people of African-American descent is nasal augmentation. While the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure primarily aims to preserve the unique facial features of the people, it also improves the external appearance.

The application can be made by two different methods. The incision methods differ as open and close. The significant difference between closed and open rhinoplasty is that the recovery time is shorter in the closed one.

Those who have a small and flat nose, those with a very lifted nose tip, those with too much gap between their nostrils, and those who have a nose that is incompatible with their facial contours can be nominated for ethnic rhinoplasty. It is not applied to children whose nose development has not yet been completed.

After Ethnic Rhinoplasty Operation

Ethnic rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 3-4 hours. As a result of the operation, the facial appearance of the people is improved, their noses are shaped and a significant change is obtained in their faces.

The person is required to stay in the clinic for 1 night. After a few days, it is possible to return to work and daily routine activities, and from the second week to normal life. However, it is recommended to protect oneself from strenuous physical activity for several months.

With the new symmetrical appearance, other elements on the face are also supported. An aesthetic face definitely adds self-confidence to a person. It also has a significant impact on respiratory function. Thus, the desired results are obtained.


An ethnic rhinoplasty treatment can be explained as the process of performing rhinoplasty according to ethnic characteristics. For example, Latin Americans, Asians, or Africans undergo plastic surgery in accordance with their original nasal anatomy, and this process defines exactly what ethnic rhinoplasty is.

No. Ethnic rhinoplasty requires a different expertise. In the surgical process, it is necessary to shape the nose by knowing the features of the nasal based on ethnic origin and to achieve aesthetic harmony with the face. The technique of these applications is different and requires experience.

Ethnic nose plastic surgery is very popular in Turkey. In order to understand who does the best rhinoplasty and to make your decision, it is recommended to examine both the knowledge, qualifications, and certifications of the surgeon and the medical standards of the clinic or hospital.